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About enkisoftware

We are independent games developers and consultants specialising in computer games, information technology and software testing.

Doug and Juliette are working together on our game title Avoyd.
Andy is available for contract work.




Doug Binks


working on Avoyd - programming, design, business

I'm programming the game Avoyd using Runtime Compiled C++, a technique I co-developed with industry friends; and enkiTS, my lightweight task scheduler.

An experienced game developer, I was previously Technical Lead of the Game Architecture Initiative at Intel. I've worked in the games industry in roles ranging from the R&D development manager at Crytek to head of studio at Strangelite, as well as lead programmer. An early interest in games development was sidetracked by a doctorate in Physics at Oxford University, and two post-doctoral posts as an academic researcher in experimental nonlinear pattern formation, specializing in fluid mechanics. My fondest childhood memories are of programming games in assembly on the ZX81.

RCC++ - Runtime Compiled C++, change C++ code at runtime

enkiTS - C and C++ lightweight multithreading task scheduler

enkiMI - C and C++ Minecraft Importer library

Juliette Foucaut


working on Avoyd - testing, programming, website, design

Whilst working with Doug on Avoyd, my main role at the moment is writing website and backend server functionality for the game: enkiWS, open-source python Google App Engine web services for games developers. I'm also involved in testing and writing documentation for the Runtime-Compiled C++ open project.

A professional software tester with a background in Engineering, I spent 12 years testing software products for the highly regulated life-science and medical industries whilst keeping a keen interest in computer games.

enkiWS - Web Services for Games, on Python Google App Engine

IconFontCppHeaders - C and C++ headers and C# classes for icon fonts: Font Awesome, Fork Awesome, Material Design, Material Design icons, Kenney game icons and Ionicons

Andy Binks


working on Avoyd - testing, software consultancy

Andy is an experienced software engineer available for contract roles in London and the South East (UK), with a track record of fast and effective development of successful systems, possessing both top-rate leadership qualities and technical expertise. Highly skilled and knowledgeable in:

  • distributed, multi-threaded, client/server, P2P systems development

  • scalable, high performance and high availability production software

  • RESTful and distributed object architectures using a variety of standards based technologies

  • performance measurement, analysis and optimisations

  • integration with 3rd party libraries, including many open source projects


Our clients include:

Mercuna logo



Mercuna 3D Navigation is used by games studios of all sizes from all around the world, in genres ranging from action role-playing games, space combat simulations, underwater games, to AR and VR experiences.

Kythera logo

Moon Collider


Kythera AI middleware provides a flexible, scalable framework and a wide set of features - including character and 3D vehicle navigation, behavior authoring and rich debugging tools. Integrated with Unreal, CryEngine and Lumberyard, it has shipped on PC, Mac and Linux platforms, both for single-player games and on servers, and has been used for games in genres as diverse as space combat simulation and hack-n-slash.

Open Source projects

All our open source projects are permissively licenced under zlib.

Company information

EnkiSoftware limited is a private limited company (Company No. 4093298) registered 19 October 2000 at the Companies House, Cardiff, the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales.