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Avoyd FAQ

We answer your questions about Avoyd. Contact us if you have additional questions.

What is Avoyd?

Avoyd is an abstract six degrees of freedom First Person Shooter voxel game and a First Person Editor. The editable terrain is made of constrained morphing voxels.
If you want to know more, check out our devlog and the interview we gave on Warp Door.

When will Avoyd be finished?

Avoyd can already be downloaded from our home page, with currently only the Voxel Editor component and the movement prototype available to use. We plan to carry on crafting the game over time, evolving and updating it continuously. You'll find detailed information about each release in our changelog.

How do I use the Avoyd voxel editor?

We've written some instructions in the Avoyd Guides forum and recorded videos showing how to use the editor. If you're stuck, the best thing to do is to check the Avoyd support forum and ask us a question there, or contact us.

What are the system requirements for Avoyd?

Platform - PC Windows

Controls - Mouse and keyboard

Minimum Specification

OS - 64-bit Windows 7 or above

Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or equivalent CPU with at least two cores

Memory - 2 GB RAM

Graphics - Intel HD6000, Nvidia GTX 660, AMD HD 7800 or equivalent. Uses OpenGL 3.2. Future versions may require Vulkan support.

Storage - 30 MB available space for installation but saved voxel models can require significant storage space, up to several GB.

Recommended Specification


What engine and technologies do you use for Avoyd?

Doug - I develop the game engine in-house. I write it in C++ using OpenGL. Currently, I use the following libraries and contribute back what I can.

To follow my progress with the game technology, see the game tech topic on our devlog.

Will Avoyd be single, multiplayer...?

Avoyd will support both single-player and cooperative multiplayer (pve).
We're pondering whether to include pvp team multiplayer or not; currently we think we won't in the early versions of the game.

Will it be possible to play offline / over a LAN?

Yes, you'll be able to play on your own without an internet connection, or once networking support is enabled with friends over a LAN or the Internet.

Will I be able to host my own server?

At some point we will release a stand alone server, so you'll be able to run it and invite people to connect to the game you are playing.

Is Avoyd DRM free?

Yes, some functionality may require a valid user account, but we plan to ensure the game can work even if services are unavailable.

What inspired you to make Avoyd?

The original Avoyd we now call Avoyd 1999 (you can download it free from our site), Quite's haunting zeo-x-s demo, Rez (Area 4 in particular), FPSs we've liked to play like Unreal Tournament, Descent, and much more.

Can I publish screenshots, videos etc. of Avoyd?

Yes, you can freely use and publish any images, videos etc based on Avoyd. We would just appreciate a mention, and if you want to send us a link, we'd love to see what you've made!

Specifically for Youtube:

We, enkisoftware, hereby declare that all YouTube users have our permission to monetise their videos of our game, Avoyd.
- Doug Binks & Juliette Foucaut (company directors)

Direct link to the statement: For further info about the monetisation issue on Youtube, see the "Let's Play"-friendly developers' website.