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Thread - Avoyd 0.8.10 - Minecraft Version 1.18 map support

doug#enki - Sat, 18 Dec 2021, 15:11 UTC edited Sat, 18 Dec 2021 17:58 - permalink

This release adds support for importing Minecraft 1.18 maps, and imported Minecraft maps now use the Blue Sky Sunny atmosphere settings (can be changed after importing).

For details and further changes, see the Avoyd 0.8.10 changelog

Download Avoyd

To load and render scenes ion Avoyd, follow the voxel editor's tutorial in Avoyd's help:

  • How to open a Minecraft map: see menu Help > Tutorial > Importing Minecraft Maps > How to Import a Minecraft Map in Avoyd
  • How to raytrace scenes: menu Help > Tutorial > Render - Raytracing Scenes

Version 1.18 Minecraft map imported and path traced in Avoyd 0.8.10 Version 1.18 Minecraft map imported and path traced in Avoyd. Credit: New! Experimental Extended World Height by Exophere.

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