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Sujet - Avoyd 0.5.0 - Audio

juliette#enki - Sat, 22 Jun 2019, 16:34 UTC - permalien

Download Avoyd 0.5.0


Version 0.5.0 is out with in game audio. We've added 3D audio using OpenAL Soft for the main game effects. For now we have weapons, impact, explosion and ambient sounds.

Boxes in Space

We've added a new procedural tool in the Voxel Editor as a demo for the 'Boxes in Space' devlog post. It explains how we created the abstract worlds in Avoyd out of simple voxel boxes.

Devlog post - Boxes in Space: procedural generation of abstract worlds in Avoyd

Boxes in Space procgen tool result

To access the 'Procgen: Boxes in Space' tool, open the Voxel Editor and select 'Tools > Edit Tool...'.
Ensure you have selected 'Set' in the left-handside list, then in the 'Shape' drop-down find the option 'Procgen: Boxes in Space'.

The Boxes in Space procgen tool is found under the Edit tool Shapes drop-down

Other updates

All other updates are listed in the version 0.5.0 change log.

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