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Sujet - Avoyd 0.7.6 - Import Minecraft fix and user configurable maximum edit tool size

juliette#enki - Fri, 26 Feb 2021, 17:51 UTC - permalien

New in this update:

  • Fixed import so it can handle Minecraft files with invalid chunk locations;
  • Edit Tool Size limitation is now user configurable so you can copy/paste volumes larger than 1024x1024x1024 voxels.

Download Avoyd 0.7.6

Release notes

Minecraft import fix for files with invalid chunk locations

Many thanks to Breno Machado for reporting a Minecraft map chunk loading issue and assisting with testing the fix. For those interested in the technical details, this was an issue in our open source enkiMI Minecraft Importer library, where I was not checking if the location data for chunks was beyond the end of the file. It seems that either these can become corrupted, or that when a chunk is deleted from the end the location isn't updated. Corrupted locations which are inside the file can also occur, but the chunks are compressed and the compression method has a known header so these already fail gracefully. Long term I need to do some fuzz testing of the library.

User configurable Maximum Edit Size

We had previously introduced a size limitation to edits because the time taken to perform an edit scales approximately as the cube of the size, and the app can become unresponsive during large edits. Long term we want to add a progress indicator along with making the operation cancellable so we can remove the limitation, but for now we've made the maximum size user configurable with warnings.

  • To configure the max size, open menu Settings > Controls... and set the 'Maximum Edit Size' in voxels. By default it is set to 1024 voxels
  • The size is used in the Edit Tool: menu Tools > Edit Tool >... Size (the field is visible when tools such as Set, Delete, Paint, Copy etc. are selected)

Screenshot of Minecraft map Greenfield City in Avoyd's voxel editing tool, showing the editor's user interface. The user is doing a spherical cut and paste of part of the model. Screenshot of Minecraft map Greenfield City in Avoyd's voxel editing tool, showing a spherical cut and paste of part of the model.

Tech used for importing Minecraft and Voxel Editor starter guide

In our latest devlog post we explain how we improved the Minecraft importer to support 1.13+ maps along with a quick overview of how to use the Avoyd voxel editor with them: devlogpost-20210225-1-Importing-Minecraft-maps-in-Avoyd-Voxel-Editor-improved

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