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Sujet - Avoyd 0.8.3 - Custom Palettes, shapes modifiers random Size and Materials, Minecraft import extended heights, MagicaVoxel multi model import reordered, predefined Arcball camera angles

juliette#enki - Wed, 15 Sep 2021, 21:49 UTC modifié Fri, 29 Oct 2021 18:43 - permalien

Another release focusing on improving the Voxel Editor with new random brush modifiers and custom palettes; simplified Materials and Pick windows; fixed .vox and Minecraft import issues; improved Arcball camera; and improved performance in networked games.

Edit Tool and Materials improvements

Custom Palettes

Menus Tools > Edit Tool > Shapes... > Palette and Tools > Materials... > Palettes

  • You can now add/edit/remove any number of Palettes. Palettes are useful to group Materials and make them easier to access. Palettes can be edited from the Edit Tool or the Materials windows.

  • When editing a Palette, Materials can be added/removed individually or by type. For instance you can add the entire ‘Gold’ Material Type to a Palette. Another example: when importing a Minecraft map, a new Material Type called ‘Minecraft’ is automatically created. You can now create a custom Palette name 'Wood' and add all the oak, spruce, birch etc. materials from the ‘Minecraft’ type to it.

  • Palettes are saved with the World. They can also be saved in a Materials Template (File > Load/Save Template)

  • Whilst adding the multiple Palettes functionality we took the opportunity to simplify the Materials and Pick windows.

Shape Modifiers

Menu Tools > Edit Tool > Shapes... > Modifiers

  • Random Size: you can randomise the size of a brush. The Size value sets the maximum dimensions of the shape, and you can specify the minimum values; This is useful to e.g. greeble a surface or create natural shapes such as foliage.

  • Random Materials: Each shape is drawn using a material picked at random from a selected Palette you can customise. This can be used for giving colour variations to foliage, add texture to a wall, etc.

A large white voxel cube greebled with cubic holes of varying sizes. Made using the Edit Tool's shape size randomiser Shape 'Randomise Size' modifier used to create greeble. The size of the deleted cubes varies between 1 and 128 voxels. The voxel model is path traced (isometric projection)

Avoyd voxel editor user interface showing the Edit shape tool with modifier random size and shape. The drawing area shows cubes and spheres in colors selected at random from a custom palette of four materials (coloured yellow, green, blue and pink) Both modifiers 'Randomise Size' and 'Randomise Materials' were used to create this image. The size of the spheres varies between 17 and 78 voxels, they were set and painted using a material chosen at random in a custom palette of four materials.

Arcball Camera predefined angles

Menu Tools > Cameras > Arcball

  • In 0.8.2 we added Orthographic and Isometric projections. In this release we've improved the Arcball camera UI and added better tools for predefined arcball camera angles (useful for Isometric projections).

  • We also disabled the Align to Axis shortcut 'x' as it was too easy to hit by mistake. To compensate we replaced the display in the Status bar (bottom left corner of the screen) with a button to toggle between states 'Off', 'Auto', 'x', 'y', and 'z' axis alignment.

Avoyd path traced render of isometric projection of buildings and staircases, with pink lighting. Inspired by voxel model "Carved City" by Antoine Lendrevie @Sir_carma Isometric projection of buildings and staircases (inspired by voxel model "Carved Cities" by Antoine Lendrevie @Sir_carma)

Import Fixes

Menu File > Import

  • Minecraft import now supports extended world heights between -2048 to +2032 blocks (previously 0 to 255)

  • MagicaVoxel: importing multiple vox models in Avoyd was resulting in overwrites of the voxels of smaller models by the voxels of larger ones. Models are now merged in the same order as in MagicaVoxel.

Game performance

In networked games, players should no longer get drops in performance when joining a server with a game already started. This was achieved by significantly improving the performance of voxel octree network packet deallocation on clients.

Avoyd path traced render of the inside of a procedurally generated corridor damaged in-game Path traced render of a world damaged in-game

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