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Sujet - Avoyd 0.8.13 - Export to .obj with material information in texture, UI improvements, fixes and online documentation

juliette#enki - Fri, 18 Feb 2022, 20:29 UTC - permalien

This release adds the following features to the Voxel Editor:

  • Export to .obj option to use a single material with material information in texture for game engine use, with support and documentation for Unity style metallic, smoothness and emissive. Detailed online documentation for the export process.

  • UI: External Viewport Display setting to enable/disable the ability to drag windows outside the main window viewport in windowed mode added in menu Settings > Display... > External Viewports

  • Azimuth and Elevation angle widgets for Light direction control. Menu Tools > Light and Atmosphere... > Light

  • New online documentation

Along with the following Voxel Editor fixes:

  • Resolved occasional stall when starting a new path traced render

  • Render depth of field aperture is ignored if focus distance is negative

  • Screenshots and renders to PNG format now no longer output an unused alpha channel

  • Undoing a copy operation will revert the tool from paste brush to copy brush if there is no previous valid paste brush

  • Undo of a paste operation from a CTRL+V when using a tool size different from the size of the paste leaving behind pasted voxels

  • Undo & Redo for multiple copy / paste operations occasionally failed to paste correctly

  • Crash when exporting polygon meshes on models with large contiguous sections of the same material

  • Denoising path traced image or switching view mode no longer potentially causes an in progress image save to become garbled

Avoyd render of example model to be exported to Obj and UnityAvoyd render of example model to be exported to Obj and Unity

Unity Inspector window open with the fixed emissive texture import settings.Model exported to Unity: Inspector open with the fixed emissive texture import settings.

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