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Sujet - Avoyd 0.1.14 - Voxel Editor Tool UI redesign, Help and Tutorial

juliette#enki - Sat, 18 Nov 2017, 11:32 UTC - permalien

Avoyd Edit Tool reworked, Tutorial and About

The focus of this release was the usability of the Voxel Editor UI. So far we've reworked the Edit Tool to make it hopefully more intuitive to use. We've also started adding tooltips, warnings for actions that cannot be undone, and a default Materials palette to help getting started.

For those who have never used Avoyd before, we added a tutorial to introduce the basics of creating shapes. It can be found under the new Help menu. You'll also find links to our forum, the change log, our website where you can buy Avoyd, the tutorial and an About page listing all the open source libraries we use in Avoyd's game engine.

Change Log

  • ADDED - List of technologies and open source libraries used to About menu.
  • ADDED - Default Materials palette.
  • ADDED - Edit Tool summary of settings for Constraint and Symmetry.
  • ADDED - Edit Tool Symmetry option to disable all symmetry planes.
  • ADDED - Edit Tool Undo and Redo buttons
  • ADDED - Message box for actions with no undo (e.g. clear world, reset all configuration settings).
  • ADDED - Help menu with Tutorial, About and links.
  • ADDED - Tutorial for the Edit Tool: Set, Paint and Delete.
  • ADDED - Tooltips functionality.
  • CHANGED - Edit Tool layout reworked for improved usability.
  • FIXED - Mouse click focussing window causing an edit.
  • FIXED - Crash when snap to grid set to zero.
  • FIXED - Arcball axial speed cinematic option.

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