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Sujet - Avoyd 0.1.9 - Ellipsoid shape and fixed Undo/Redo

   juliette#enki - Thu, 28 Sep 2017, 14:27 UTC - permalien

Ellipsoids world

We've released a new version of Avoyd today, continuing our focus on adding functionality to the voxel editor and fixing issues.

  • ADDED - Ellipsoid brush in the Edit Tool
  • CHANGED - File dialogue selection when typing filename modified for improved feedback.
  • FIXED - Undo/Redo now tracks Copy/Paste operations correctly.
  • FIXED - Snap to Grid can no longer be set to less than 1 in the UI.
  • FIXED - Can no longer set size of tool cursor smaller than 1 voxel.
  • FIXED - Resolved precision issues for small voxels.
  • FIXED - cylinder shape symmetry issues.
  • FIXED - potential crash in Copy/Paste operations.
  • FIXED - cut restricted to box/cube shapes.

Ellipsoid brush in the Edit Tool

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