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Sujet - Avoyd 0.1.15 - Voxel Editor Wedge and Corner shapes, Minecraft and Vox files import

juliette#enki - Thu, 30 Nov 2017, 17:04 UTC modifié Thu, 30 Nov 2017 17:10 - permalien

In this version we've added 2 new shapes: Wedge and Corner. We've also made it easier to import Minecraft and MagicaVoxel Vox files.

Download Avoyd 0.1.15

Avoyd Corner and Wedge shapes

To draw a wedge or a corner shape:

  • Open the Edit Tool window (menu View > Edit Tool).
  • Choose the Set tool (pencil icon)
  • Select the shape Wedge or Corner
    • For the wedge, choose the axis orientation, x y or z. Additional axis inversions mirror the wedge along the chosen axes.
    • For the corner, pick the corner point which will be the summit of the 3 sided pyramid. The corners coordinates are normalised xyz.
    • Tip: enable the Anchor to visualise the axes.
  • Move your cursor into the world. You should see a green 3D grid.
  • Left mouse click or press F or press the Set button (bottom of the Edit Tool window)

To import Minecraft or MagicaVoxel Vox files:

  • Open the import tool (menu File > Import)
  • Choose Minecraft or Vox
    • For Minecraft, browse to the directory that contains the files and select it
    • For Magica Voxel, browse to the Vox file you want to load (*.vox extension) and select it.
  • The file is loaded, you should see a progress bar if it's large (Minecraft maps in particular)
  • Notes:
    • Minecraft maps are loaded with the default Minecraft palette. It'll be listed in the Materials tool (menu View > Materials) where you can edit it.
    • MagicaVoxel Vox files are imported together with their own palette, available in the Materials tool (menu View > Materials) once the Vox file is loaded.
    • It is not possible to export Avoyd files back to Minecraft nor MagicaVoxel Vox format. Changes have to be saved in the Avoyd format.

Change Log

  • ADDED - Wedge edit shape
  • ADDED - Corner edit shape
  • ADDED - Minecraft and .vox (MagicaVoxel) import workflow
  • ADDED - Minecraft levels now load automatically once you browse to their root directory
  • ADDED - Progress bar for loading files
  • ADDED - Asynchronous file loading
  • ADDED - File filtering options
  • ADDED - Refresh file list button
  • CHANGED - Improved file dialogue layout
  • CHANGED - moved Lighting options to standalone window

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