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Sujet - Avoyd 0.11.0 - Minecraft nbt structure file import, power saving and templates drag & drop

doug#enki - Wed, 14 Sep 2022, 16:22 UTC - permalien

Avoyd 0.11.0 is now out, with most updates related to the voxel editor, energy efficiency and usability.

  • Import Minecraft nbt structure files
  • Max CPU thread setting
  • Improved power saving
  • Load templates with drag & drop: atmosphere, camera, materials
  • File browser copy/paste paths

Our plans for the near future are taking a look at more voxel editor improvements. If there are features you'd like us to add to Avoyd (or improve) do let us know.

Winterfell Minecraft map by WesterosCraft imported, edited and rendered in Avoyd Voxel Editor. The castle of Winterfell seen from above, surrounded by a forest under a layer of fog and snow. Winterfell by WesterosCraft imported, edited and rendered in Avoyd Voxel Editor


  • Voxel Editor - Minecraft Structure File Import. Menu File > Import > Minecraft Map or Structure (*.mca, *.nbt)...
  • Setting to control how many CPU threads Avoyd is allowed to use. This can be used to lower the CPU utilization to run multiple apps or to keep CPU temperatures low. Menu Setting > System > (Multithreading) Maximum Logical Processors
  • Automatically open the last used menu (voxel editor or main menu) when starting Avoyd. Option set in menu Settings > Start As Menu 'Last Used (default)'
  • Voxel Editor - UI - Copy/paste paths from/into file dialogues
  • Voxel Editor - UI - Drag and drop avoyd template files (materials, light and atmosphere, and camera templates) onto the voxel editor to open them without opening file dialogues


  • Power save mode now turns on vsync when in menu screens (not in movement mode) if vsync is set to off
  • Decreased size of avoyd world files and network world data by compressing the materials, lighting & atmosphere, camera, and world properties data
  • Voxel Editor - Pick cursor no longer uses tool intensity settings so always visible. Menu Tools > Pick Material
  • Voxel Editor - Renamed window to "Avoyd Voxel Editor"


  • Voxel Editor - Starting a game from the editor and then escaping to editor and continuing now goes to in game menu not create game. Menu Game > Continue
  • Visible voxel surface sampling improvement no longer causes occasionally incorrect voxel positions in distant objects
  • Potential crash in file dialogue when double clicking the file list with nothing selected

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