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Sujet - Free Avoyd Voxel Models

juliette#enki - Wed, 16 Nov 2022, 12:30 UTC modifié Wed, 16 Nov 2022 14:15 - permalien

We've released 20 Voxel models for Avoyd you can use freely under licence (CC BY 4.0):

The readme explains how to load and use the files in Avoyd. It also includes links to the following permissively licensed resources:

  • Vox files (MagicaVoxel)
  • Minecraft words
  • Heightmaps
  • Palettes

Tiled image of 18 voxel models made and rendered in Avoyd voxel editor. The models include a fish, a house on stilts, a yellow camper van, a lion under a tree, a transparency box, a spaceship, glowing mushrooms, a glass of lemonade, a crashed spaceship, a construction crane, a fishing boat, a tractor in a field, a pink house, a stylised tree, a ruined office tower, a ridged tower, a spaceship and a white cat. Voxel models (worlds) made and rendered in Avoyd voxel editor. The .avwr files are available to download from GitHub repository enkisoftware/voxel-models and can be directly loaded into Avoyd.

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