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Avoyd is an abstract six degrees of freedom First Person Shooter voxel game. The editable terrain is made of constrained morphing voxels. It is a long-term project which we continuously develop and evolve over time.

Currently the Avoyd editor prototype is available to download and purchase from our home page.


The original Avoyd was a shareware-style game we created and self-published back in 1999-2003. To our knowledge, it was the first game in which the players could build and destroy the entire environment. Since September 2012, after many years thinking about Avoyd, we started working on it again. The new Avoyd game is powered by the in-house engine Doug is writing.

On the 1st Feb 2017 we stealth released the Avoyd Editor prototype. From now on we'll be releasing new versions of Avoyd periodically, increasing the price as we add functionality. The prototype is currently available to download freely. Development is in progress.

  • First Person Shooter in a large abstract universe

  • First Person Editor: build and destroy the environment to support your strategy, and for creative purposes

  • Six degrees of freedom with localised gravity

  • Single-player and cooperative multiplayer - over a LAN or the Internet.

Voxel editor prototype - Youtube playlist - November 2016 to Present
AI and weapons - March 2015
Avoyd introduction - August 2013

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About enkisoftware

Enkisoftware is an independent game development company co-founded by Doug Binks, Juliette Foucaut and Andy Binks. We make the game Avoyd.

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