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Avoyd - Voxel Editor and 6dof movement Game with editable terrain - In active development - Available to download and buy

Avoyd 1999 - Precursor to the current Avoyd game project last released in 2003

enkisoftware - Independent game developer and publisher of Avoyd

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Developer and Publisher
of the game and voxel editor Avoyd

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Enkisoftware is an independent game development company co-founded by Doug Binks, Juliette Foucaut and Andy Binks. We make the game and voxel editor Avoyd.

Early years - 1999 to 2003 - the first Avoyd (1999)

In 1999 Doug and Juliette started working on a shareware-style game called Avoyd. A six degrees of freedom first-person shooter set in zero gravity, gamers could play deathmatches against bots or other people on a LAN. To our knowledge, it was the first game in which the players could build and destroy the entire environment.

In 2000 we founded enkisoftware and started selling digital copies of the game over the internet for a few pounds, steadily increasing the price as we added more features. After Doug joined a games development company, we slowly stopped development and released the last version, Avoyd 1.7.1, in 2003. At that stage, many features and designs we had in mind had yet to be implemented in the game.

For more information, see the Avoyd 1999 press kit.

Recent - 2012 to present - working on the new Avoyd

In September 2012, we started rewriting Avoyd from scratch. As before, we design the game together. Doug writes the engine and does all the programming whilst Juliette does the testing and the website.

On the 1st Feb 2017 we stealth released the Avoyd Editor prototype. From now on we'll be releasing new versions of Avoyd periodically, increasing the price as we add functionality. The prototype is currently available to download freely.

For more information, see the Avoyd press kit.



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We've open sourced some of our in-house tools for game developers to use
  • RCC++
    Runtime-Compiled C++ - Change C++ code at runtime.

  • enkiTS
    C and C++ lightweight multithreading Task Scheduler

  • enkiMI
    C and C++ Minecraft Importer library

  • enkiWS
    Web Services for games developers on Python Google App Engine

  • IconFontCppHeaders
    C, C++ and C# headers for icon fonts Font Awesome, Fork Awesome, Material Design, Material Design icons, Kenney game icons and Ionicons

  • imgui_markdown
    Markdown for Dear ImGui

Further information is available on our About page.

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