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Avoyd Voxel Editor & Game

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Please try the free demo before buying.
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on 30 Nov 2023 at 11:00am UTC
Avoyd Licence gives you the following:
  • Download Avoyd Full release and the latest Beta.
  • Get Free updates.
  • Commercial use is allowed (excluding NFTs). Licence Agreement

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The official release of Avoyd, a Voxel Editor and Game. Avoyd is an art tool able to handle large voxel models, and a game featuring editing and destruction in a six degrees of freedom environment.

Avoyd Full release includes the following Voxel Editor features:
  • NEW
    • Export to Mesh with Blender-compatible OBJ PBR materials in textures.
    • Export to Godot and Unreal 5 via Blender.
    • Material Mask tool: edit or protect part of a model.
    • 'Move Sun Here' tool.
    • Improved import material palettes from images and heightmaps and export palette to .vox.
    • Import and repair some MagicaVoxel .vox files.
    • Fixed .vox import offset in flipped models, and in rare cases missing or extra voxels.
  • Exclusive to the Full version
    • Import Minecraft with custom Materials.
    • Export to MagicaVoxel .vox.
    • Export renders to HDR and EXR image formats.
  • More details in the Changelog.
www.avoyd.com  •  Gallery  •  Features  •  Documentation  •  Changelog  •  System Requirements  •  FAQ

Purchase and Log in to Download Avoyd Beta
Download the in development build to try the latest features. Warning: The beta application may be unstable and cause data loss. Ensure you back your work up before you use the beta.

New in Avoyd Beta:
  • Automatic render.
  • Importing resets the MagicaVoxel emissive and metallic values when materials are neither of those.
  • Fixed file browser sort by name.
  • WIP Reference Grids with custom position, scale, opaque or transparent.
  • 'Shine Sun Here' tool.
  • Cameras range increase to 10 x 256000 voxels.
More details in the Development Updates  •  Changelog

Demo Avoyd Demo
Free trial: test Avoyd before you buy it.

Demo conditions:
  • Features lag behind the Full release.
  • Features not included in the current Demo:
    • Import Minecraft with custom Materials.
    • Export to MagicaVoxel .vox.
    • Export renders to HDR and EXR image formats.
  • Credits are appreciated but not required (ex. "created with Avoyd", "rendered with Avoyd").
  • Personal non-commercial use only.


Download models and explore tools to use with Avoyd.

Avoyd voxel models logo Voxel Models

1.0.0 Avoyd Voxel Models offers 20 free voxel models for use in Avoyd Voxel Editor.
  • Download AVWR Avoyd world files.
  • Learn how to use Avoyd, create voxel art, export to 3D mesh and more.
  • Use the free models licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).
  • Explore the Github repository for documentation and links to open source voxel resources compatible with Avoyd including:
    • MagicaVoxel .vox files.
    • Minecraft worlds.
    • Heightmaps and heightmap generation tools.
    • Palettes and palette generation tools.
    • 3D Meshes and Voxelisers.


The 20 years old, original Avoyd.

Avoyd 1999 logo Avoyd 1999 1.7.1 Avoyd 1999 is the shareware game we published between 2001 and 2003. It was the first voxel game to feature a fully editable environment.
A FPS set in a dynamic world in which players can create and destroy their environment with freedom of movement in zero gravity (6dof). Features single player against bots and LAN multiplayer. Licence Agreement