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Avoyd 0.9.0 - import MagicaVoxel .vox (Beta) and raw 3D binary 8bit arrays, fixed stalls when offline

juliette#enki - posted Fri, 15 Apr 2022, 11:56:40 UTC - edited Fri, 15 Apr 2022 15:32:13 UTC - permalink

Release 0.9.0

Avoyd 0.9.0 is now out:

Known Issue:

  • Voxel Editor - Files from MagicaVoxel may not import correctly, we are currently trying to reproduce the issue in order to debug and fix it

New in 0.9.0:

  • ADDED - Voxel Editor - Support for importing .vox files from MagicaVoxel (Beta), however see known issue above
  • ADDED - Voxel Editor - Support for importing raw 3D binary 8bit array files. Menu File > Import > Raw 3D Binary Array...
  • CHANGED - Voxel Editor - Updated ImGuizmo for an improved Anchor tool
  • CHANGED - Voxel Editor - Significantly improved vox file import performance for vox files with large numbers of objects
  • CHANGED - Avoyd installer and exes now signed with an Extended Validation Certificate (previously used a standard validation certificate)
  • CHANGED - Voxel Editor - Added link to online documentation in French and links to social media. Menu Help > Documentation en Ligne etc.
  • FIXED - Reduced HTTP request timeout so Avoyd no longer hangs when exiting or changing window size / going fullscreen if server connection for version query cannot be made
  • FIXED - Ctrl+M shortcut (hide all UI elements) now works on keyboards other than Qwerty, and CTRL+M no longer hides menu when in movement mode
  • FIXED - Voxel Editor - Memory leak in vox importer

Import Raw 3D Binary Arrays

We wrote a short guide on how to make and import a raw 3D binary array, which is useful for procedural generation. Render in Avoyd voxel editor of imported procedural 3D raw array data from Stefan Samociuk Render of imported procedural 3D raw array data from Stefan Samociuk @protofield

Documentation en français

Pour les francophones : Nous avons commencé à traduire la documentation de l'éditeur de voxels en français. Pour l'instant elle couvre le tutoriel d'introduction et les contrôles, commandes et raccourcis. Le reste est en cours de traduction.

Nous avons également créé un serveur Discord bilingue EN/FR

Render Tutorial Video and Transcript

We published a video tutorial and transcript showing how to do a render using an isometric view of a Minecraft map. It covers how to use the voxel editor to import a map, setting the graphics quality and the lighting, configuring and using the camera, and configuring and doing a render.

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