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Thread - Avoyd 0.6.1 - Replace Material tool and NVidia bug fix

juliette#enki - Fri, 14 Feb 2020, 13:39 UTC edited Fri, 14 Feb 2020 13:41 - permalink

In this release we've concentrated on fixing bugs and improving the user experience in the Voxel Editor with tweaks, more shortcuts and new tools.

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New tool: Replace Material

We added a new material replacement tool to the Voxel Editor. When you select a material to replace, every single instance of it in the world will be turned into the new material.

To use it in the Voxel Editor, open an existing world File > Open... then:

  • Open the Replace Material window tool under Tools > Replace Material... , or use shortcut Alt+R

  • Click in the From frame and use the Pick tool (from the Edit tool) to select a material in the world (by clicking on it). You can also select a material directly from the palette. The material you picked will show in the coloured square (swatch).

  • Click the To frame and select a material to replace the 'From' material with.

  • Click on the button at the bottom of the Replace Material window: 'Replace material From with Material To', accept the message, and all instances of the From material are replaced in the world.

Voxel Editor replace tool before Voxel Editor replace tool after Effect of using the Replace Material tool, before and after

Whilst doing this we took the opportunity to rework the Material tool window to make it slimmer and improve the navigation over the Material swatches.

Changed tool: dedicated Procedural Generation window

The Edit Tool in the voxel editor previously included a lot of basic shapes (cube, sphere, box, ellipsoid, cylinder, corner etc.) and also some procedural generation functions.

Old Edit Tool with procgen shapes Old Edit Tool with fractal and procedural generation shapes

This was a lot to put in one window and made it difficult to extend, so we decided to take out the procgen and give it its own dedicated tool. It's a simplified version of the Edit Tool that should make it easier to play with procgen.

To open the procgen tool, in the voxel editor go to Tools / Procedural Generation... or press Alt+P.

New Procedural Generation windowNew dedicated Procedural Generation tool in the Voxel Editor The in-world wireframe tool cursor for procedural generation is purple to differentiate it from the green/red cursor of the Edit tool.

NVidia graphics bug fixed

We fixed a bug on NVidia graphics cards where Voxel Colour Variation resulted in hatched noise.

NVidia rendering issue in Avoyd 0.6.0: hatched noise Hatched noise bug on NVidia GPUs in Avoyd 0.6.0

NVidia rendering issue in Avoyd 0.6.1: hatched noise fixed Hatched noise fixed in Avoyd 0.6.1

Procedural generation tweaks for better navigation in-game

In the skirmish game we felt the bridges were awkward to navigate due to their plank shape. In-game, circling them whilst clamped orthogonally to their axis was disorienting due to the 180 deg changes in direction they were forcing (above to below a plank). To help with this we made them much thicker, almost square sectioned. That should soften the transitions.

In addition we enlarged the portals at each end of the bridges to make it easier to sneak inside the boxes for hiding and protection.

Larger bridges cross-section and enlarged doors Larger bridges cross-section and doors to ease navigation in the Skirmish game procedurally generated worlds

Other updates

We also fixed the broken Field of View settings in the Voxel Editor and for those who want to take nice screenshots in-game, Ctrl+M now hides all HUD elements, including the drones position carets, health bars and names. We also took advantage of the latest Dear ImGui update to add more tooltips and fix inconsistencies with the UI.


Download Avoyd 0.6.1

Details of the new features and updates in 0.6.1 are listed in the Change log.

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