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Avoyd 0.7.0 - Dynamic Shadows, Voxel Editor Brush Preview, Torus shape, Export to .obj, Saved Cameras, Scalable HUD and more

juliette#enki - posted Thu, 11 Jun 2020, 20:33:36 UTC - permalink

A significant and large release which focuses on graphics and the Voxel Editor, notably adding real time dynamic shadows, a Brush Preview and the ability to export to .obj polygon mesh. This is an overview of the new features:

In Game:

  • Dynamic Shadows
  • Scalable head-up display (HUD)

In the Voxel Editor:

Avoyd Voxel Editor Tools and Torus shape

  • Brush Preview for precise positioning
  • Export the voxel world as a .obj polygon mesh so it can be loaded in other programs such as Blender

  • Saved Cameras: you can save as many positions and viewpoints as you want. They're saved with the world but can also be saved as a template to reuse between worlds
  • New Torus and Torus Hollow shapes
  • The material palette in the edit tool is now saved with both the world and material files
  • Improved atmospheric fog scattering, lighting, and ambient occlusion. Procedurally generated light and atmosphere using seeds
  • Improved performance through reduced polygon count using edge collapse mesh simplification
  • File format changes: the world is now saved as one file with extension .avwr. Extensions .avmt is used for materials, .avla for light & atmosphere, and .avcm for cameras. Note you'll still be able to open your old files and save them in the new format
  • Pick and inspect tool to get material and amount information from the voxels in the 3D world
  • A large number of usability, UI and help improvements:
    • documentation through tooltips
    • toolbar with shortcuts to tools and saved cameras
    • status bar with camera and anchor positions, edit mode and material information
    • improved the context menu (right-mouse) to access cameras and anchor functionality
    • improved the file explorer including rename and delete files
    • fixed the user interface contrast in light mode

and more, see the Change Log for details

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