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Avoyd 0.1.12 – Multi-axis bounds edit and lock Anchor tool

   juliette#enki - posted Wed, 11 Oct 2017, 17:13:56 UTC - permalink

We've fixed the Editor's Anchor tool to make it easier to change the size of a shape. Locking the Anchor position allows you to resize symmetrically. We've also fixed the anchor gizmo selection to make it easier to move the shape around along axis or planes.


If you're interested in the technology we use in the Voxel Editor, the code for the Anchor's Move/Resize gizmo is ImGuizmo, open sourced by Cédric Guillemet. It runs on top of Omar Cornut's Dear ImGui which we use for the GUI.

Change log

  • ADDED - lock anchor position, useful for making symmetric objects.
  • ADDED - Multiple bounds for anchor tool gizmo.
  • FIXED - bug in undo/redo system which could cause a crash.
  • FIXED - turning anchor on now sets position to tool cursor correctly.
  • FIXED - tool gizmo movement when camera perpendicular to an axis.
  • FIXED - gizmo axis selection when camera perpendicular to an axis.

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