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Avoyd 0.2.0 - Movement Prototype

juliette#enki - posted Thu, 08 Mar 2018, 19:52:59 UTC - edited Thu, 08 Mar 2018 19:52:59 UTC - permalink

We've released the first movement prototype for Avoyd. If you want to try it out you can download the latest versionof Avoyd 0.2.0. As always, feedback and questions are very welcome.

To test movement:

  • Start the 'game' (menu Game > Start)
  • if you don't have an environment pre-loaded, tick the box to procedurally generate a default level.
  • Controls are standard WASD (currently hardcoded)
    • Tip: press Esc > Help > Control to view the keys mapping
  • Check out the tutorial video for instructions on how to start the prototype and move in the 6dof, 0g environment, both in flight and in 'clamped', hover mode.

To draw procedural shapes:

  • Open the Edit Tool window (menu View > Edit Tool)
  • Choose the Set tool (pencil icon)
  • Choose a colour in the Palette
  • Select the shapes Fractal - Menger Sponge or Procgen - Tree or Porcgen - Linked Boxes (the shapes used as a default environment in-game)
    • Tip: start with a small size, e.g. 10 voxels
  • Left mouse click into the world or press F or press the Set button.

Change Log

  • ADDED - Prototype in-game movement and play menu
  • ADDED - Prototype primary and secondary destruction tools (in-game)
  • ADDED - Procgen Menger sponge
  • ADDED - Procgen linked boxes
  • CHANGED - Improved performance of BOX and CUBE shape editing
  • CHANGED - Removed procgen tree leaves
  • CHANGED - Revised default config settings
  • FIXED - Power save mode failure when frame time low

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