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Avoyd 0.2.1 - Movement Prototype, Image import and Sphere Copy

juliette#enki - posted Sat, 24 Mar 2018, 12:39:25 UTC - edited Sat, 24 Mar 2018 14:07:53 UTC - permalink

We've made small adjustment to the movement prototype and made the procedural world more colourful. We've also added a tool to import images (png, tga, jpg) as heightmaps and a sphere copy/paste option.

Download Avoyd 0.2.1

As always, feedback and questions are very welcome.

Game - start the prototype

  • Start the 'game' (menu Game > Start)
  • A default level is procedurally generated. You can choose its size: small / medium / large / very large
  • Controls are mouse + WASD
    • Display all key mappings: press Esc then menu Help > Controls

Voxel Editor - import images as height maps

  • File > Import > Image Heightmap
  • Select an image file (png, tga or jpg) on your computer and Open
  • The colour used is the currently selected material (menu View > Edit Tool)
  • The amount of material influences the smoothness: set to max (255) for cubic blocks, set it lower (e.g. 25) for smoother surfaces.

Voxel Editor - sphere copy / cut and paste tool

  • Open a world file
  • Open the Edit Tool window (menu View > Edit Tool)
  • Choose the Copy or the Cut tool
  • Selecte Shape: Sphere
  • Select an area of the world and click
  • Your cursor contains a spherical cut-out of the area you selected. Paste it by clicking again

Change Log

  • ADDED - Game - choice of four sizes of generated world
  • ADDED - Voxel editor - Procedurl linked boxes parameters: number of boxes, multiple materials
  • ADDED - Voxel editor - Sphere copy tool
  • ADDED - Voxel editor - Materials UI shows selected material info: RGB colour, metallic, smoothness and strength
  • ADDED - Voxel editor - New Sapphire & Ruby materials
  • ADDED - Voxel editor - Import height map from image
  • ADDED - Voxel editor - Multiple drive support for file dialogue browsing
  • CHANGED - Game pauses when toggling to editor view
  • FIXED - View no longer rotates when switching between in-game and editor view
  • FIXED - Removed debug log message from in game movement code
  • FIXED - Memory leak in octree when editing

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