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Loading Minecraft and MagicaVoxel files

   juliette#enki - posted Sat, 24 Apr 2021, 15:19:47 UTC - edited Sat, 24 Apr 2021 15:21:33 UTC - permalink

Tips for importing Minecraft maps into Avoyd and exploring them if you've never used Avoyd before.

How to import a Minecraft map into Avoyd

  • Download and install Avoyd
  • Make sure you have a Minecraft map available
    • Avoyd can load your own Minecraft maps generated when you play (stored in %appdata%.minecraft\saves\ )
    • or you can download a Minecraft map from for example and save it to disk, extracting it if it is a zip file
  • Start Avoyd and open the Voxel Editor by selecting it in the main menu
    • Open the menu File > Import > Minecraft Map (*.mca)...
    • Select the region file directory (containing .mca files) and ‘Open’ to import it.
    • If you have ‘The Nether’ or ‘The End’ dimensions as well as the normal ‘The Overworld’, a pop-up will enable you to choose which dimension to import

How to explore a map in Avoyd

  • Lock the camera to the horizontal plane for Minecraft maps:
    • select menu Camera > Align To Axes
    • Select 'y' and
    • Set the Axis Preference to ‘0.80’ or above
  • To move around, set the camera to "Movement" mode: press the Tab key or hold down the mouse right button
  • Move the mouse to look around
  • Press W to move forward
  • More about camera controls in the voxel editor’s help menu:
    • Help > Tutorial > Cameras
    • Help > Controls Documentation > Camera Controls

Tips and tricks

  • Once imported, save the Minecraft map as an Avoyd world file. This will enable you to open it faster and use it as a paste brush.
  • Tune the Graphics properties under Settings > Graphics. Increasing the ‘LOD change distance’ improves detail in the distance but reduces performance.


  • It is not possible to re-export any edits back to Minecraft or Magicavoxel
  • Avoyd does not use textures, but the materials used in Avoyd match the Minecraft default materials as closely as possible: their colour is based on Minecraft textures averages and they have specular reflection where relevant (water, glass, metal…). Note you can edit the 'Minecraft Default' materials individually from menu Tools > Materials... or from the Palette in Tools > Edit Tool…
  • There are no emissive lights in Avoyd as of version 0.7.7 though we intend to add them in the near future
  • Avoyd only runs on Windows PC
   doug#enki - posted Thu, 20 Apr 2017, 18:46:07 UTC - edited Thu, 20 Apr 2017 18:46:07 UTC - permalink

From version 0.1.2 Minecraft region files (*.mca) can now be opened.

To open a Minecraft level browse to the region folder and open any .mca file. This will load all .mca files. Extremely big levels may crash Avoyd, particularily on 32bit systems as we do not currently stream the region files.

Importing WesterosCraft's Minecraft levels

For a higher quality look check out this Youtube video.

juliette#enki - posted Fri, 21 Apr 2017, 17:34:34 UTC - edited Fri, 21 Apr 2017 17:34:34 UTC - permalink

In version 0.1.3 we've made it easier to import Minecraft and MagicaVoxel files. The .minecraft folder is no longer hidden and we can use drag & drop.

Importing Minecraft and MagicaVoxel files into Avoyd 0.1.3

juliette#enki - posted Fri, 15 Dec 2017, 13:22:56 UTC - edited Fri, 15 Dec 2017 13:22:56 UTC - permalink

We've made Minecraft and MagicaVoxel files easier to import. See details in this thread.
In addition, starting from version 0.1.16, you can cancel the import if it takes too long.

juliette#enki - posted Wed, 07 Feb 2018, 11:55:13 UTC - edited Wed, 07 Feb 2018 11:59:02 UTC - permalink

Video tutorial - using Load Brush to bring voxel models into your scene

The video shows how to load models from .vox files, MagicaVoxel and Minecraft as brushes

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